Best Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography

While finding the perfect venue and organizing reception plans are important parts of planning a wedding, what’s more needed than someone to document the entire process. It’s easy to find photographers—they’re abundant—but not all of them will capture your day exactly how you want. That’s why it’s necessary to search for highly rated local photographers and sit down with them to figure out the specifics of your wedding.

To help couples that are looking to tie the knot around Willow Grove, Willow Manor, and Glenside, we put together this article highlighting three of the best wedding photographers in the area. Keep reading to see which one of these seasoned photographers will help you remember your special day just how it should be.

Forevermore Photos

Wedding Photos Started by award-winning photographer Barbara Zlotnik in 2001, Forevermore Photos is a wife and husband team that present utterly beautiful photography. Although they have one several competitions and other accolades, they pride themselves on great responses from past clients. The duo was named the preferred photographer for Talamore Country Club in Ambler, PA, where they have shot many weddings and special events over the years.

When you peruse their gallery, you’ll be flooded with quality photos of sweeping staircases and gorgeous gowns, smiling faces, and sweet embraces. If you’re looking for a dedicated studio that’s been in the local area for almost 10 years, Forevermore Photos is a great choice.

Take a look at Forevermore Photos Facebook page to learn more, including photos and testimonials.

JPG Photo & Video

JPG Photo & Video differs from the other two photographers on our list in a few ways. This business has a robust portfolio shot by a team of videographers and photographers. A lot of their wedding photos are fun and downright goofy, so they would make a good fit if you and your fiancé’s families are a humorous bunch.

Of course, they also capture traditional moments with awe-inspiring artistic direction. From bachelorette parties and ceremony photos to cutting the cake, JPG will package your most pressure moments in an unforgettable way.

Check out their Facebook page to find out more about how JPG Photo & Video can capture your special day.

Stephanie Nolt Photography

Wedding Photographer Stephanie is a visionary photographer capable of capturing moments you didn’t even realize were of any importance. She can take a snap of minute details, such as shoes or a table place setting, and you wouldn’t believe the clarity and beauty Stephanie is able to show. Instead of simply hiring her for your wedding party, she likes to think of herself as part of the family while she’s working.

That idea results in photos that look like they were taken directly from a romance film. They’re intimate, well-shot, and perfectly represent the bride and groom every time.

Make sure to scroll through the Stephanie Nolt Photography Facebook page to browse her expansive portfolio of work.

Meet Your Potential Wedding Photographer

Whether you happened upon this article six months into wedding planning or became engaged last night, we hope that you’re feeling more confident about finding your perfect photographer. Each one will offer you different services and put their own artistry into your day. That’s why we suggest taking a look at their previous work to envision how your own wedding photos could look.

Take time to schedule a meeting with three of the best wedding photographers around Willow Grove, Willow Manor, and Glenside soon!