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To help you move quickly past fender benders and mishaps near Jenkintown, Rydal, and Glenside, Sussman Kia has a devoted collision center. What we do at this collision center will be explained in more detail in the coming sections. Our aim, though, is to repair any exterior damage your Kia vehicle may have sustained while also thoroughly inspecting the undercarriage to ensure the performance of your model is in tip-top shape.

To achieve this aim, we have a number of certified technicians on site plus a facility lined with the latest automotive tools and technology!

Ensuring the Exterior is Pristine

Kia Service near Jenkintown, PAOf course, our collision center is a place your Kia vehicle will go after having an accidental scrape. The exterior is sure to have some dings, dents, scuffs, or cracks after this type of instance occurs.

No matter what the extent of the damage, our team will be able to get your model looking as if it just rolled off the showroom floor. We have various tools to help us do this: tools that will straighten out unsightly marks, buff and shine scrapes until they’re a thing of the past, or add a fresh coat of paint for a bold, new look.

If an exterior piece is deemed unsavable, we can dip into our parts center and quickly make any replacements or installations necessary.  Our center is loaded with pieces designed specifically for your model. In the rare instance we don’t have what you need, we’ll be happy to order it for you and install it upon arrival.

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Providing a Thorough Inspection of Performance

Performance can be shaky after a mishap or collision, which is why the team in our collision center places great emphasis on inspecting the undercarriage and overall performance setup.

As an example, if your vehicle has been rear-ended, we’ll dive into the rear suspension, check out the exhaust system, ensure the brake lights and other electric components function properly, and much more. If the front end has received some damage, the engine is, of course, the first place we’ll inspect. Beyond that, however, we’ll also give the brakes, battery, and every other component under the hood a thorough look-through.

Our parts center comes in handy for these inspections, too. Given our sizeable stock of pieces, we can help repair your model at a great value.

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Using Genuine Parts for the Job

If we find anything is damaged—whether it’s a broken part in the suspension or the brake pads seem to be excessively worn—we’ll be sure to replace these parts with genuine Kia components. Genuine Kia parts are specifically manufactured to fit your Kia vehicle and work seamlessly with the other parts and systems in your Kia. That way, you’ll know they’ll continue to provide the dependable performance you’re accustomed to.

Plus, these parts are made of highly durable materials. That means they’ll last much longer than generic, aftermarket parts that other auto repair shops may use. Not only does that ensure more reliable performance, but it also means you won’t need to replace those parts any time soon since they’ll last for many miles. If there are any repairs you’re looking to do yourself, just reach out to the team in our parts center to get all the components you need to get the job done!

While We Work on Your Kia

While our trained technicians get to work on repairing your Kia vehicle, we’d be happy to take you home or to the office as you wait to get your Kia back. With our free shuttle service, we can take you anywhere you need to go within a 5-mile radius.

We’ll also keep you updated throughout the process as we work to repair your Kia and get it back in top shape. After evaluating the damages, we’ll explain the extent of the repairs needed. That way, you can have peace of mind that our experts are taking the best course of action to fix any issues within your Kia. If it happens that they need a few days to finish up repairs or to wait for ordered parts to arrive, we’ll help set you up with a rental vehicle to use in the meantime.

That way, you won’t have to cancel any plans you have with friends and can continue to get to work, the store, and anywhere else you need to go throughout that time. We know just how much you rely on your Kia, so we want to make sure it’s back to great condition and that we also help you keep going while your ride is being repaired!

Numerous Perks & Benefits

Kia Collision Center

When you consider the many services we offer at our collision center, you’ll quickly realize just how beneficial a visit is for your Kia vehicle.

To recap, a few of the key components and core values that we stick by include:

  • Direct repair shop so we deal directly with the insurance company
  • Quality control checks are in place during the entire process to ensure that your Kia vehicle get fixed right
  • Genuine factory parts are used in most cases
  • Rentals are available right on the premises. We work on tight schedules, reducing rental lengths and saving you money
  • ALL WORK IS GUARANTEED for the life of the vehicle

We also offer a variety of service hours within our collision center for you to come by and have your Kia car repaired. That way, you can pick a time that works best within your schedule to get your Kia fixed and then be on your way again. Make an appointment first thing in the morning or stop by in the afternoon when you have some free time. We even have Saturday hours, so if the weekend works best for you, just schedule your appointment then and our team will quickly repair your Kia for you!

Stop by Our Helpful Collision Center

When it comes time to spruce up your Kia vehicle after a collision near Jenkintown, Rydal, and Glenside, be sure to check out the Sussman Kia Collision Center!

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