Things to Do near Jenkintown PA

Things to Do near Jenkintown PA

At Sussman Kia, we pride ourselves on being a big part of our community. We do what we can to support the many other incredible businesses in the Jenkintown area. One of the ways we do that is this Things to Do near Jenkintown library.

On this page, you’ll find a variety of guides about things to see and do in the vibrant and interesting area of Jenkintown. Read ahead to learn more!
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More on the Area of Jenkintown PA

Jenkintown, Pennsylvania sits roughly ten miles north of the hustling and bustling city of Philadelphia. Though it’s so close to one of the largest and most cultured cities in the country, Jenkintown has an identity all its own.

This area is home to many scenic destinations like the Briar Bush Nature Center and Grey Towers Castle. It’s also home to all kinds of delicious eateries like La Strada Italian Restaurant and Riviera D’Italia Restaurant & Pizzeria. Read more about what there is to do around Jenkintown below!

How We Can Help You See All of Jenkintown

Things to Do near Sussman KiaWe at Sussman Kia are proud to provide those in the Jenkintown area with information about things to do and see in our community. To help you see all that Jenkintown has to offer, we also offer a wide selection of valuable and reliable vehicles.

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