Kia Dashboard Light Guide

Kia Dashboard Light Guide

Kia Dashboard Light Guide

Ever wonder what the icons on your dashboard are trying to tell you? Well, our team here at Sussman Kia wanted to help make things easier for you by explaining what the various dashboard lights signify in each specific Kia model.

Click the link to your particular model to see the dashboard light guide for your Kia. If you find out the icon on your dashboard is warning you about an issue or maintenance need, we also have our service center here at our dealership ready to help any driver in Jenkintown, Rydal, and Glenside!

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What You’ll Find in Our Kia Dashboard Light Guides

Kia Dashboard Light GuideWithin each of these guides, you’ll find information about the different lights that may flash on the dashboard of your Kia. These guides explain the different warning lights you may see, from a check engine light to low oil pressure light. They’ll detail why each specific light may be turned on, whether it is due to a system malfunction or worn-out part. They even will give you what plan of action you should take, including checks you can do yourself and advising when professional service is needed.

Our Kia light guides also explain the other icons you’ll find on your dashboard. Some dashboard lights signify a system that’s in use. This will help you see if an advanced safety system is engaged and keep you aware if your high beams are still on or not. Knowing what these lights represent will keep your mind at ease since you’ll be able to differentiate between an indicator and warning light.

Quickly See What Your Kia Car Is Trying to Tell You

With our Kia dashboard light guides, you can see what all the various lights that may illuminate on your dashboard mean. With these helpful guides, you’ll be able to quickly see if the icon on your Kia car requires immediate attention and what you should be doing to resolve any potential issues.

Kia Dashboard Light Guide

Instead of flipping through page after page in your owner’s manual trying to locate where it describes the dashboard icon you see in your Kia, you can just simply use the link on this page and bring up all the information you need. This will help you save time and know what appropriate steps you should be taking based on the dashboard light you see.

In Need of Service?

If you find out that the light on in your Kia car requires service after reading our Kia dashboard light guide for your model, you can schedule an appointment here at Sussman Kia. Our technicians will be happy to fix whatever issue your Kia is experiencing, so you can get back to smooth and safe driving around Jenkintown, Rydal, and Glenside.

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