Oil Change near Elkins Park PA

Oil Change near Elkins Park PAFrom More Shopping Center to Richard Wall Park and everything in between, there’s a lot to explore in Elkins Park, PA. But first, you need to take care of the oil change reminder light that just came on in your Kia.

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While you don’t need immediate service, you know you’ll need to get that taken care of within the next hundred miles or so. That’s why you’re looking for an oil change near Elkins Park, PA.

Oil Change near Elkins Park PA

Luckily, Sussman Kia is only a short drive up Route 611. Plus, our service technicians have done a lot of oil changes in their time. This experience means they’ll be able to get you in and out with no problem. Read on to learn more about getting an oil change at our dealership!

Our Service Department

In addition to having a service center near you, we also offer extended hours. That means you can get your oil changed before, during, or after your workday—whatever’s most convenient for you. Plus, we also make it convenient to schedule that oil change appointment.

When you come in, our service begins with a friendly greeting and service charge estimate. In the rare case we find other issues with your Kia while we’re under the hood, we’ll make sure to let you know what’s going on. We’ll be happy to help you with other services while you’re here, or you can make a note to take care of it at a later time.

Our Oil Changes

Oil Change near Elkins Park PAOur factory-trained technicians aren’t just good at oil changes. They’re also equipped with a full inventory of OEM parts to help them do the job right.

This is important because getting an oil change isn’t just about replacing the dirty oil with fresh lube. It also includes a filter change, which helps keep your new oil free of debris once it starts running through your engine. Different filters are built to fit different specs, and we’ll be sure to use the one that fits your Kia.

Synthetic vs Conventional Oil Change

If you’ve ever browsed the selection at an auto parts store, you know there are several different kinds of motor oil. These can be broken down into two main types: synthetic and conventional. Synthetic lasts longer, but conventional is less expensive.

How do you know which type of oil your Kia needs? Flip through your owner’s manual to find the manufacturer’s recommendation. We have all this info on hand, too, so we know just what to put in your engine.

How Long Will an Oil Change Take?

Oil Change near Elkins Park PAWhen you visit us for an oil change, we get right to work draining the old oil from your Kia vehicle. This is usually the longest part of the process, especially with larger engines, as we need to wait for all the oil to make its way out.

Then, we’ll replace the oil filter and make sure the new one is properly installed before adding new oil. Finally, we’ll check for leaks, make sure everything’s in working order, and take a look at your dipstick. The whole process often takes about 45 minutes, depending on how busy our service department is.

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It’s easy to make an appointment at Sussman Kia. Schedule yours today by filling out our online form, giving us a call, or visiting our service center near Elkins Park!

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