Oil Change near Philadelphia PA

Oil Change near Philadelphia PAWhy should you head to Sussman Kia if you’re looking for an oil change near Philadelphia, PA? For starters, our factory-trained technicians know how to do the job right. Plus, we’re equipped with all the right tools—as well as OEM replacement filters from our on-site parts department.

It’s not all about how we treat your Kia sedan or SUV, though: How we treat you is just as important. That’s why we work hard to make you feel welcomed from the moment you drive into our service bay. We also offer amenities to keep you comfortable while you wait.

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Keeping Your Kia Running Smoothly

Oil Change near Philadelphia PAYour engine works hard to carry you through the City of Brotherly Love—especially when you find yourself in stop-and-go traffic. After time, all that hard work begins to wear out your motor oil. Impurities form in the oil and it picks up debris from inside your engine.

This all comes with the territory when you’re a car owner. However, dirty oil is less effective at its main job: lubricating your engine’s moving parts. In order to keep oil flowing smoothly through your engine, you’ll want to provide regular oil changes based on recommendations you can find in your owner’s manual.

What if I Don’t Drive That Often?

We know how it is. Sometimes, it’s easier to rely on public transit for your daily commute—but you still want a car to help you run errands or take you on those weekend trips down the shore.

Oil Change near Philadelphia PA

If this sounds like you, pay special attention to the time-based oil change interval recommended for your Kia car or SUV. Many Kia vehicles recommend an oil change every six or 12 months, even if you don’t drive very often.

Why is this? When your car sits in a parking space, moisture can make its way into your oil from the surrounding air.

This isn’t a problem if you drive on a regular basis because your engine heats it up and it evaporates. But if you don’t drive very much, that water builds up in your oil over time. When there’s water in your oil—you guessed it—your oil can’t do its job as well.

What’s in an Oil Change?

Oil Change near Philadelphia PAWhen you trust our Kia technicians with your next oil change, we’ll start by draining all the old oil out of your engine.

Then, we’ll replace the oil filter. After all, as impurities build up in your oil, they also build up in the component that filters that oil. Swapping the dirty filter with a new OEM replacement will help your new oil stay fresh longer.

Once the new filter is properly installed, we’ll pour in some new oil. Before we finish up, we’ll double check the oil level on your dipstick and make sure the engine is running smoothly.

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